TOOLBOX – Key Podcasting Resources


Start With Why – Simon Sinek's book
TED Talk: Start with Why
Xtensio – Business Canvas & User Avatar
Workbook – Plan your podcast
Google Calendar - Map out your episodes
Trello – Document your process
Mastermind – Accountability & extra support
Eventbrite – Set up your launch event
Omny Studio – Host your audio files
Fiverr – Outsource your logo and artwork
Facebook Groups – Build your community
Audio Technica ATR2100 – USB microphone
Skype – Interviewing podcast guests
Call Recorder for Skype (Mac)
Calendly – Manage your interviews
Audacity – Audio editing software
iTunes / Sticher / TuneIn – Submit your podcast
Grammerly – Check your titles and show notes
Rev – Episode transcription service
Canva – Design software for episode artwork
MailChimp – Email newsletters to your list
Zapier – Advanced social media
Buffer – Basic social media
Thunderclap – Build support for your podcast