6 Places to List Your Podcast When Getting Started (And How)

If you’ve put a whole lot of work into creating a podcast, how do you get people listening? Submitting to the distribution platforms is, of course, important and the more platforms you’re on, the more potential listeners you can find! Here are 6 options.

Key Ingredient During the Early Days – Accountability

Build accountability into your podcast launch to keep you motivated and on track. Here are four ways we did this for The Razor Sharp Show.

How to Test Your USB Microphone

Now that you have your microphone, it is time to test your recording set up and improve the audio quality.

Podcast promotion 101

An introduction to the sixth P of Podcasting – PROMOTE.  

Podcast publishing 101

An introduction to the fifth P of Podcasting – PUBLISH.

Understanding the fourth P of Podcasting

Topics include equipment, editing an episode, improving audio quality, pre-show preparation and tips for an engaging interview.

Podcast launch advice from John Lee Dumas

Planning plays a significant role when launching a podcast. Hear JLD’s insight having launched a successful podcast…

Make your podcast sound better with ‘Noise Reduction’

The first time I use the noise reduction featured in audacity I was amazed how great it made me sound! It can really make you sound pro.