Editing a podcast episode

Editing advice and tips in a real life example.

How to Amplify Audio in Audacity

Sometimes when you capture your audio it is too soft but don’t worry there is ways that you can fix that in Audacity using the amplifier feature.

Using Ecamm Sound Recorder Movie Tools to Export Your Audio

A way to capture your podcast is to use Skype with Ecamm Call Recorder. This video will show you how to export that sound so you can use it in audacity.

Make your podcast sound better with ‘Noise Reduction’

The first time I use the noise reduction featured in audacity I was amazed how great it made me sound! It can really make you sound pro.

Understanding the fourth P of Podcasting

Topics include equipment, editing an episode, improving audio quality, pre-show preparation and tips for an engaging interview.

How to Test Your USB Microphone

Now that you have your microphone, it is time to test your recording set up and improve the audio quality.