Key Ingredient During the Early Days – Accountability

Build accountability into your podcast launch to keep you motivated and on track. Here are four ways we did this for The Razor Sharp Show.

1) Set a launch date right from the start.
 Put the date on your calendar and tell five people about it right now. Email, text, DM, call, post… whatever you have to do. Tell five people that you are going to launch a podcast and when.


2) Record and share your episode 0 this week. Record a short (5 – 15 minutes) intro about why your podcast is going to exist, who you are, why people should listen to you, the podcast’s point of difference and how people can get involved. This will also force you to quickly organise the tech side of things so you’re ready for recording episodes. I suggest sharing this with your whole audience… social media, email list, everywhere. No matter what size! You’ll be amazed by the connections, ideas, and words of encouragement you get as a result!


3) Connect with like-minded people to strengthen your resolve. Join a mastermind, get a co-host or join a regular meet up. It’s important to have someone to talk to when things go wrong or aren’t going so great in the lead-up. And it helps keep you motivated when listening to how others are working through challenges and achieving goals.


4) Plan a celebration. We held a launch party and it was one of the best launch decisions we made (thanks to podcast guest, Megan Davis for the idea). We invited the first guests and even got experienced podcasters to speak on a panel session. This generated real engagement with our initially small audience. It also generated online buzz about the show and gave us promotional videos and photos to promote the podcast right from the start. Oh, and it made us feel really good… so we could easily push through the harder times and avoid ‘pod fading’.